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DiaCom Corporation has the capability to design and build most tooling associated with the manufacturing of our composite seals. Having an in-house machine shop gives us the flexibility to rapidly sample new design concepts and make quick changes as required.

Engineers and Designers at DiaCom work closely with client engineering personnel world-wide to transform application concepts into fully functioning prototypes, and ultimately into production units.

Our state-of-the art, in-house tool shop located in our recently opened Plant 2 location DiaCom-2019-Plant-2-Announcement.pdf has complete CNC machining capabilities which allow for quick turnaround on both prototype and production tooling. DiaCom uses only high-strength steel for production and prototype molds.

DiaCom engineers bring your custom parts from concept to finished product through use of CAD (computer aided drafting) applications like Siemen’s Solid Edge CAD and NX Cam Machining Software. DiaCom Engineers communicate electronically with our clients to assist and accelerate the design process.

We can accept most popular formats of 3-D CAD drawings, including: STEP, IGES, DXF (and others). We can build tooling from traditional blueprints as well, or from solid part models. Our capabilities also include the ability to reverse-engineer obsolete or discontinued parts in-house, thus helping to extend lifecycles for existing equipment and cutting operating costs.

Initial consultation with a project engineer is provided free of charge.



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